Francesca Catastini (Lucca, 1982) is based in Tuscany. Raised in a family with a strong scientific background, she developed an early interest for ethology and medicine. At the age of five she made her first (and last) attempt to preserve two little animals, a dead bird and a field mouse, by wrapping them tightly in black bin liners and keeping them in a shoe box. To her mother’s horror, she discovered the box under her bed and immediately threw the experiment away! Apparently Francesca was severely told off, but cannot remember the details… Eventually she decided to keep images, instead of things (if for no other reason than to avoid the smell). She feels that as a highly sensitive person, it is easier to study the facts of life when they are unable to run away.

Group Exhibition,Terranauti, SMS Centro Espositivo per l’Arte Contemporanea, Pisa, curated by Ilaria Mariotti and Angelika Stepken
Solo Exhibition, Happy Together, Sciatò, Serravalle Pistoiese, curated by Giacomo Bazzani
Group Exhibition, Good Breeding, Pisa per la Fotografia, Pisa
Group Exhibition, Finte nature, Mac,n Museo di Arte Contemporanea e del Novecento di Monsummano Terme
Group Exhibition, Riflessi d’Italia, CUBO Centro Unipol, Bologna
Photissima Festival, Open your mountains, Turin
Turin Photo Festival, V edition, Turin
Group Exhibition, Come tu mi vuoi, Amy-D Arte Spazio, Milan
D Bookshow, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki
C Bookshow, Create Studio, Brigthon
DOMESTIC, Biennal de Fotograf’a Xavier Miserachs, Palafrugell
Solo Exhibition, Good Breeding, MC2 Gallery, Milan, curated by Caludio Composti and Denis Curti
Group Exhibition, Di alcune case, curated by Walter Guadagnini, Ars Now Seragiotto, Padova
Group Exhibition, Un minuto di silenzio, Ubiq photographic project, Feltrinelli, Piazza Piemonte, Milan
Group Exhibition, Mountain Photo Festival, Artist in Residence 2009/2010, Aosta
Group Exhibition, Fotografia?, Careof DOCVA, Milan
Group Exhibition, Boutographies, Pavillon populaire (Projection du Jury), Montpellier
Group Exhibition, DOMESTIC, Photographic Social Vision, Espacio Cultural Caja Madrid, Barcelona
Group Exhibition, Arte Laguna, Tese di San Cristofororo (Arsenale di Venezia), Venice
2015 Terranauti, curated by Ilaria Mariotti e Angelika Stepken
2013 Quaderni di PsicoArt vol.3, Incontri sul contemporaneo, curated by Stefano Ferrari e Mona Lisa Tina
2012 Il corpo solitario, di Giorgio Bonomi, Rubbettino editore
2011 Di alcune case, text by Walter Guadagnini
Good Breeding, text by Francesco Zanot
Back to the Present, curated by Elisa Del Prete
2010 Domestic, Photographic Social Vision
Arte Laguna Prize 2009, catalogue IV edition Premio Arte Laguna
2009 Nothing to see here #1, curated by Francesco Jodice
2014 Photolux Leica Award shortlisted
2011 Artist in residence, Arvidsjaur, Sweden
2010 Arte Laguna Prize shortlisted
2009 Artist in residence, Mountain Photo Festival, curated by Luca Andreoni and Alessandro Ottenga
2015 Screening session, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne
2014 TERRANAUTI #Prolog: Navigating the art system.
Dialogues with international curators, gallerists and the director of a public museum Villa Romana, Florence
2013 Incontri sul contemporaneo, DAMS, University of the Arts, Bologna